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Earlier in the Discord server, I spitballed a suggestion to make an "#actual_conversations" chat. There were people who opposed and people who agreed. Somewhere in between the conversation someone suggested changing the name of the text chat. I'm going to just post Imgur screenschots of the whole conversation. Whether these changes get implemented or not, I feel as if this is an important and controversial issue in regards to the Smithtainment Discord.

Also, the Mee6 automated message about burying suggestions does nothing besides bury suggestions.


  • Here is a bit of the conversation in the #general_support chat

  • First off, I would like to thank you for the suggestions about our discord. This is the first time Gucci or I have developed a public gaming discord, so some problems are definitely going to appear. This makes reports from you and members of the community invaluable.

    Having more general chats, while advantageous to the community's ability to socialize, can be a little problematic considering the small amount of staff for discord currently. We can make these channels, but spam will inevitably leak in without constant monitoring. I will, however, talk with Gucci later about possibly adding more text channels, but I cannot promise that they would be anywhere near spam-free.

    A quick remark about the suggestions. I have removed the Mee6's auto-messaging in that forum, but I am reasonably afraid that suggestions made in that chat will not be seen by myself or Gucci.


  • It's fine if you guys can't read the stuff in the Discord text chats, that's why I took screencaps of the whole conversation before it's inevitable disappearance into oblivion. And I understand that spam may leak into a text channel abouy serious conversations, for spam has leaked into most, if not all, of the text channels. Also, thank you Reeb for reading this post and writting out a detailed reply
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