FCC has voted to overturn Net Neutrality regulations. Without such regulations, gaming servers and network websites like ours may be at risk of being either slowed down or put behind a paywall. We as members of a gaming network, or guests who are members of other gaming networks, need to tell our representatives that Title II and Net Neutrality must be preserved. More information here: http://forums.smithtainment.com/showthread.php?tid=2795
~ Reeb, Head Developer of Smithtainment

Change Log ( 9/7/17) - Discord Server

  • Removed the messages on the suggestions forum
  • Suggestions forum has been renamed to Youtube Suggestions, as it is no longer for general suggestions
  • Clarification has been added to chats that were not being used correctly
  • Mee6 now only tells if you have leveled up through private chat
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