Allow mods to use signed tsay (stsay)

edited September 15 in Suggestions

Steam Name: Roadsguy

Server: MCTTT

Description: stsay jumps out more (which can be useful when trying to get the attention of a rulebreaker when you're dead). Also, it doesn't make much sense to give mods tsay but not stsay, because if you abuse one of them, stsay gives away exactly who did it, whereas tsay does not.


  • I agree, people don't even notice or care about tsay, it just goes away like any command/rule help or advertising. The stsay changes the colors of your name and text, combined they can be noticed easily, and I've seen some pretty dumb stuff said in tsay when 3 Tmods were on.

  • Yeah, I would agree that having just that random light blue color isn't the most noticeable color. I will bring this one up to Gooch.

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