Enable (and fix) ULX respond command for staff as part of standard procedure

Steam name: Roadsguy

Server: MCTTT (could also be applied to all Gmod servers)

Description: The ULX respond command is basically reverse admin chat. Used with a # instead of an @, it appears as "Admins to you: message" compared to "You to admins: message". Currently, however, once used, it is invisible to anyone but the recipient. Not even the sender staff can see it. (I tested it during my time as admin.)

This would be a great convenience tool for mods to use to message players officially, as it can also be seen by other staff. This way conversations between staff and players aren't just seen by other staff as solely what the player puts into admin chat. It's also more visible than psay, which can be useful in messaging players that pay less attention to chat.


  • This method is way better than psay, because we take chat space and time typing/tabbing the player name.

  • Not a bad idea at all actually. Just have to figure out how to code that...

  • @Reeb said:
    Not a bad idea at all actually. Just have to figure out how to code that...

    When CodyCoInc was still around on Vanilla he told me that it was set up and working there. I don't remember if he said that he and other mods could see what he put into it, but it was enabled for all mods and probably still is over there.

  • edited September 24

    I know that it was working with Vanilla, it's just getting the message to be seen by other staff, which will have to be either recorded or fixed. Probably an update to ULX is causing the error.

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