[Discord] Add hidden roles for server staff to allow players to mention them

Steam name: Roadsguy

Server: Community Discord

Description: Currently there doesn't seem to be a way for a player to just call to all staff on a server that there's RDM or something going on. I suggest adding one role for each server representing all the staff for that server. Globals would get all roles and perhaps a global staff role as well.

Thus a player could go into the #spam_spam_spam or #general_support channels and say, for example, "@24/7 Minecraft TTT Staff We've got a lot of RDMers on", and all staff for that server (including globals) from Filter to Diesel (the sole current T-mod) would get notified. (I'd leave it up to you to decide whether T-mods and Donor T-mods should get this rank.)

Note that these roles would be hidden, and the players wouldn't show up as such on the player list. They'd still show up as nothing/Regular/Moderator/Admin, etc. as far as name color goes.

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