Add Random Day/Night time at the beggining of the round

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  • Skeke
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I noticed in singleplayer that the map ttt_minecraft_b5 has a day/night cycle, and if I'm correct, we had this in our server for a week or two, the problem is, the default cycle of the map lasts 20 minutes more or less, and the TTT rounds lasts only 4 minutes tops, which makes us forget about this and never get past daylight.

I'd suggest, if there is some way to, setting random, eligible or set different times of the day for each round, so new traps can be used more efficiently, snipers harder to detect, forgotten detective tools used again (visualizer, tag gun, etc), making the game more fun.

Or make the cycle in a speed that we can at least get to afternoon.


  • If I am not mistaken, Gooch has already added this. If you want something else, could you clarify?

  • He added it after my post, it's working now.

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