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Well i've been getting alot of ppl asking to change the map to something other than B5 so i was wondering if it was possible to add more maps like skycraftfinal or city to a rotation?


  • Gucci normally handles the map rotation decisions, but if he agrees to have a map rotation, then we can begin taking suggestions on what maps to add. Thanks


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    Theres a reason there is no other maps. The server is near 2 months old and I'm not fully satisfied with it's results yet. I want it to build a stable community who is willing to populate it more often. Let's not forget that the school season just started so without B5 being the main populating map then the results are going to get bad. Even the Modded Minecraft server is only running B5 right now. Around mid november / early december we will probably start testing other maps to see how it goes. The Modded server ran extra maps with no problem in the Summer.

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