Change Log ( 10/05/17) - Anime TTT

edited October 5 in Change Logs

  • Special Rounds updated. If the infinite Traitor credits glitch is still happening let me know.

  • Spray system updated.

  • Gronk beam removed. Too many issues with it as I stated in the Modded MC TTT update.

  • Jetpack updated + re-added to the pointshop. Should work just fine now.

  • Traitor weapon "Railgun" added.

  • Alucard's Pistol added to Traitor weapons and the pointshop. I'm aware of the visual glitch it has when you drop it to where it looks like a normal deagle. I'm not sure if it looks like a deagle to others when ur holding it but I'll try and fix this visual glitch whenever I get the chance. The pistol is not reloadable and it comes with 50 rounds. If it needs nerfed/buffed I will do so overtime.

  • Traitor Weapon "Shuriken" textures should be fixed now.

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