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Why was there barely any changelogs last month?

edited November 20 in Announcements & News

If you haven't already known, changelogs are coming out increasingly slower and slower. In fact, since last month, only 9 changelogs were released, 3 of which were from today alone. Here's 2 reasons why changelogs aren't as fast as they were.

1. Multiple projects: DarkRP and especially Minecraft Survival require a lot of time and resources to release. With only 2 experienced developers, myself and Gucci, server development for a first release is incredibly slow.

2. Alpha servers have no changelogs: If server changelogs were being released for MC and DarkRP, then there would be a new changelog every single day. We don't do changelogs for alpha servers, because they are too turbulent for a steady stream of information to be released. (For you non-coders out there Alpha = closed development, Beta = private communal testing, and Full Release = anyone can join)

So, when will the regular changelog stream start up. Soon ;)

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