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Change Log ( 10/12/17) - Global [Halloween Update]

edited October 24 in Change Logs

Halloween is just around the corner guys and this season we've came up with some awesome things to get you guys in the holiday spirit. These changes will last until Halloween and will end a day or 2 after Halloween is over.

  • Forum is now Halloween themed.
  • Donation site is now Halloween themed.
  • Loading screens are now all Halloween themed.
  • Exclusive Pointshop items for sale only during the Halloween event such as player models and trails. These will be removed from purchase after the Halloween event has ended.
  • Halloween event in-game on Anime TTT and Modded TTT. Collect candies to unlock cool perks such as changing of how your bullet projectiles look and even a candy tornado. To access the Halloween menu to see your candies/level type "Halloween_Panel" in the console. Candies can be collected throughout the map randomly, from killing others, or by scaring them. Mini-Games have a 35% chance to happen every 20 minutes. These Mini-Games consist of rounds such as everyone being really tiny, ignition, ghost mode, big heads, super speed, and low gravity. You also have access to spells that give cool things such as stealth and a damage shield.
  • 1 day before Halloween occurs Vanilla TTT will have an all Halloween themed map rotation consisting of nothing but sp00ky maps.

To top all this off the person from each server (Anime TTT and Modded TTT) with the most collected candies by Halloween will receive 2,000 Pointshop Premium points as a reward.

Hopefully everyone enjoys what has been put together. Have a happy Halloween.

To purchase pointshop points for the Halloween content visit www.donate.smithtainment.com

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