How to apply on our servers:

Click the links below for the respective server you wish to apply on:

Vanilla TTT

Minecraft Modded TTT

After clicking the links, you will be redirected to our forums. There, please read the 'Pinned: Required Information' post and other 'Pinned:' posts. They are Official posts that the administrators have provided for your benefit when applying.

Please copy the application format, and start a new post on the APPLICATION HOMEPAGES that you were first redirected too.

Paste in the application format, and fill it out to the best of your ability. When typing an application, please color or bold the questions different then the answers, as it allows the staff to quickly read your application. Also make clear and concise answers when applying.

The review process will begin, and staff will support or not support your application. Network staff or other server staff may also voice an opinion of the merit of the applicant, but the Server Head-Administrators will have the final say.

This process may take up to 2 weeks depending on how quickly the staff review your application. Please be patient.

Please contact the Head-Administrators of the server you wish to apply on if you have any questions regarding the application or acceptance processes.