24/7 Minecraft Vanilla TTT

Server Info
Server IP:
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Head Admin(s):

Server Rules:

By Joining Our Server You Agree to Follow These Rules!

  1. No prop killing of any kind (this includes Ts killing Innocents or Innocents killing Ts). Even during the pre-round.
  2. Racism will not be tolerated.
  3. No impersonating staff members, or other regular/trusted players.
  4. No being disrespectful to other players or staff. Doing so can result in a ban without warning.
  5. Do not RDM (Random Death Match).
  6. Do not mic spam or chat spam. This includes having music playing through your microphone.
  7. No blocking doors or denying players access to a part of the map.
  8. Do not prop surf or prop push.
  9. Do not ghost. This includes using third party programs to give advantage outside of the game.
  10. Advertising other servers will result in a permanent ban.
  11. You can not kill on suspicion. You must always have a valid reason to kill someone.
  12. Do not camp at all. If you do you will get teleported into an open spot.
  13. You can not kill players who are away from keyboard (AFK) unless there are less than 5 people alive.
  14. Do not intentionally "goomba stomp" (land on the head of) other players.
  15. Destroying a Traitor tester or the detectives health station can be considered traitorous.
  16. Usernames must have at least 3 to 4 English letters. You will be kicked if you refuse to change your name.
  17. Do not false KOS as an innocent or detective. This will lead to a KOS (Kill on Sight) on you. If you do it excessively, you will receive a warning.
  18. Third-Party programs/cheating programs are not allowed.
  19. You must speak english via voice and text chat.
  20. Do not abuse the votemap command; You are limited to 1 vote per round. If this is abused you will probably get kicked or get the command taken away from you.
  21. Do not Traitor-Bait (T-Bait). Doing so gives innocents the rights to KOS you. If you T-Bait and it causes a train of deaths. you will recieve a warning for each innocent death you caused.
  22. Throwing discombobulator grenades on maps that could cause death will lead to a KOS.
  23. The Detective CANNOT KOS you if you do not test, even if he asks you to.
  24. Destroying the Battery/Generator on map ttt_space_station is a KOSable offense. If you destroy it as an Innocent, you will get warned for T-Baiting.
  25. Killing/Damaging someone with an item that is provided/included in that map (like the stun stick in the map ttt_goldenplixprison_pak_v3) is a KOSable offense.
  26. Throwing/Disposing/Hiding the golden block or any of the diamond blocks is considered T-Baiting.
  27. You CANNOT KOS someone because of an activated/active T-trap.
  28. Do not prop spam, you will be warned if you do it the first time, and you will get permanently banned if you do it constantly.
  29. Just because people cannot spell "Innocent" doesnt mean they are a T. Do not KOS just because they cannot spell it.
  30. Claiming false proven can lead to people to shooting you. If they are inno and you caused an "RDM train" (continuous RDM) you will get warned for every RDM that occurred because of you.
  31. Any T-buddy/D-buddy RDM will NOT be tolerated. You will receive 2 warns and a 7 day ban for any intentional T-buddy/D-buddy kill.
  32. You may give out 3 warning to inform them to stop following you. You must give each warning 10 sec. before giving the next one. Any kill made from warnings will not be considered RDM, but if you do not give enough time then it will count.
  33. Do not get out of any map (meaning do not get into places where there are no textures or unreachable places) or you will get slain for the first offense, if you do it a second time you will get kicked.
  34. No sprays that depict any pictures/gifs like child porn, offensive/racial pictures or just some awfully wrong things.

Infraction Consequences
The following actions may be taken in this order [unless violating a more serious offense]:

  • Players will receieve warnings
  • Players will be kicked from the server
  • Players will be banned for up to a week
  • Players will be banned permanently
  • Bypassing a server ban will result in a ban