24/7 Modded Minecraft TTT

Server Info
Server IP:
Click Here to Connect (Steam Required)

Ace: Mohawk Bandito

Server Rules:

By Joining Our Server You Agree to Follow These Rules!

-No prop killing of any kind. Even during the pre-round.
-Racism will not be tolerated.
-No impersonating staff members, or other regular/trusted players.
-Do not be disrespectful towards other players or staff. Doing so can result in a ban without warning.
-Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch).
-Do not mic spam or chat spam. This includes having music playing through your microphone.
-No blocking doors or denying players access to a part of the map.
-Do not Prop Surf, Prop Push, or Prop Launch. Even during the pre-round.
-Do not ghost. This includes using third party programs to give advantage outside of the game.
-Do not self advertise your social media, your own server, or personal self.
-You can not kill on suspicion. You must always have a valid reason to kill someone.
-Do not camp with less than or equal to 5 people that are living.
-You can not kill players who are away from keyboard (AFK) unless there are less than 5 people alive.
-Do not intentionally "goomba stomp" (land on the head of) other players.
-Destroying a Traitor tester or the detectives health station can be considered traitorous and can be KOS'd.
-Usernames must have at least four English letters. You will be kicked if you refuse to change your name.
-Anyone that accesses areas on maps they shouldn't be, will be kicked. If you continue, you will receive a warning.
-Do not false KOS as an Innocent or Detective. This will lead to a KOS (Kill on Sight) on you if you are Innocent. If you do it excessively, you will receive a warning.
-Do not false KOS as a Traitor, as Traitor you are expected to kill players, not KOS players. However, if you are being attacked by a player or said player has evidence of you being a traitor, you can KOS them.
-Do not KOS your Traitor buddies, it is considered trolling and can lead to you being warned or even banned.
-Third-Party programs/cheating programs are not allowed.
-You must speak English via voice and text chat.
-Do not abuse the vote controls; You are limited to 1 vote per map.
-Do not Traitor-Bait (T-Bait). Doing so gives players the rights to KOS you. If you T-Bait and it causes a train of deaths, you will receive a warning for each innocent death you caused.
-Do not bend the T-Baiting rule. If a player is shooting at a part of the map where players cannot be or in the sky or on a tree, they can be killed after they are asked to stop. If a player is shooting towards players or at players, they can be killed.
-Do not throw discombobulator/incendiary grenades as Innocent or Detective, doing so can lead to a KOS if you are Innocent. Regardless, you will be warned if a player is damaged or killed.
-You can not force people to test, if you kill someone for not testing, or if you KOS someone for not testing you will receive punishment.
-Do not sabotage the Traitor Tester as an Innocent or Detective, doing so can lead to a KOS if you are Innocent. Regardless, you will be warned.
-You are to give THREE warnings before you shoot someone or kill someone for following you. This also applies if a player is chasing you with a prop.
-You can not KOS someone for holding a T weapon (AWP, AK-47, Silenced TMP, Silenced M4A1, P90) as for they are buyable in the pointshop. Be aware only donators have access to getting these weapons.
-You must warn your Traitor buddies before you throw explosive grenades, use traitorous equipment, or set off a Traitor Trap as for they might walk in to it unknowingly.
-Do not KOS player models.
-Do not place bets/bounties on players in exchange for Pointshop points.
-You cannot kill over high suspicion in OVERTIME.


-The following actions may be taken in this order [unless violating a more serious offense]:
-Players will receive warnings.
-Players will be kicked from the server.
-Players will be banned for up to a week.
-Players will be banned permanently.

-Bypassing a ban will result in a network ban.