Vanilla Server

Server Info
Server IP:
Click Here to Connect (Steam Required)

No Head Admin(s) (Gucci and 2OP4U takes care of this server)

Server Rules:

By Joining Our Server You Agree to Follow These Rules!

  1. No prop killing of any kind. Even during the pre-round.
  2. Racism will not be tolerated.
  3. No impersonating staff members, or other regular/trusted players.
  4. Do not be disrespectful to other players or staff. Doing so can result in a ban without warning.
  5. Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch).
  6. Do not mic spam or chat spam. This includes having music playing through your microphone.
  7. No blocking doors or denying players access to a part of the map.
  8. Do not prop surf or prop push or prop launch.
  9. Do not ghost. This includes using third party programs to give advantage outside of the game.
  10. Advertising other servers will result in a permanent ban.
  11. You can not kill on suspicion. You must always have a valid reason to kill someone, until it is Overtime.
  12. Do not camp with less than 5 people alive.
  13. You can not kill players who are away from keyboard (AFK) unless there are less than 5 people alive.
  14. Do not intentionally "goomba stomp" (land on the head of) other players.
  15. Destroying a Traitor tester or the detectives health station can be considered traitorous.
  16. Usernames must have at least four English letters. You will be kicked if you refuse to change your name.
  17. Anyone that accesses areas on maps they shouldn't will be kicked. If you continue, you will receive a warning.
  18. Do not false KOS as an innocent or detective. This will lead to a KOS (Kill on Sight) on you. If you do it excessively, you will receive a warning.
  19. Third-Party programs/cheating programs are not allowed.
  20. You must speak english via voice and text chat.
  21. Do not abuse the votemap command; You are limited to 1 vote per map.
  22. Do not Traitor-Bait (T-Bait). Doing so gives innocents the rights to KOS you. If you T-Bait and it causes a train of deaths. you will recieve a warning for each innocent death you caused.
  23. Throwing discombobulator grenades on maps that could cause death could lead to a KOS, if you are innocent and kill someone you will be warned.
  24. You can not force people to test, if you kill someone for not testing, or if you KOS someone for not testing you will receive punishment.
  25. Sabotaging the tester can lead to your KOS, if you are innocent and you sabotaged the tester you will receive punishment.
  26. You are to give THREE warnings before you shoot someone or kill someone for following you and/or chasing you with a prop.
  27. You can not KOS someone for holding a T weapon (AWP, AK-47, Silenced TMP) as for they are buyable in the pointshop. Be aware only donators have access to getting the weapons.
  28. Warn your Traitor buddies before you throw explosive grenades, as for they might walk in to it unknowingly.
  29. Do not KOS player models.
  30. Do not place bets on players with Pointshop points.