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Minecraft Survival Application Format

This is the MINECRAFT SURVIVAL section. If you are here for any of our other servers please post in the correct section.

This information is absolutely required when filling out an application for staff. Please be as truthful as possible.

- What is your username on Minecraft?

- Why do you want to be staff on our server?

- What makes you better than our other applicants?

- Are you familiar with Minecraft commands?

- Do you have any history with staffing on Minecraft in the past? If yes, why did you leave that position and what was the most difficult/challenging part of it?

- What time zone are you from?

- How old are you?

- How many hours per day can you dedicate your time to staffing?

- Do you have good communication skills?

- How much experience do you have with Minecraft in general?

- Are you available to be contacted at random times throughout the day? If so by what?

- Are you willing to punish your friends if they break rules?

- How do you react to certain situations such as people being racist, disrespectful, griefing, etc?

Feel free to post any other information about you that you feel would help boost your chance of becoming staff on our server.
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