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Darksouls Lore????

Okay listen to me, the Bitch from Izalith right who made that cumstain Ceaseless discharge, and the chucklefuck spider sisters, you know that person right???

That floppy chode is actually a witch from Salem Witch Trials and she got lynched in da fire and that made her good with fires n shit so she got sent straight to hell aka her home town aka that burning hell where the boiled shit shard Ceaseless is along with all those spooky ass demons. Then the cuck witch decided to eat that fire up the booty hole and she queefed so hard she turned into a giant tree and ate out the ass of anyone who tried to kill her little bug.

This is tha tru story and ending discussion of like 2% of the lore of Darksouls.
Thanks for ur time my fellows dogshitfuckmcgee's
Anakin... Beware your friend Palpatine. And your pal Friendpatine.
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