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2017 Staff Timeline for MCTTT

Inspired by Pokeguy's post for Vanilla, I decided to make an actual graphical timeline of staff on this server since January 1st.


There's still a few details I'm fuzzy on, since Skeke forgot to write them down (like Favaces' promotion date) or they were just never noted anywhere (Bear's and Terry's netbans), and of course it's not 2018 yet, but I'll update the spreadsheet every month until New Year's.

It really is interesting to see just how long some people's times as staff really were/are (cLoRA, Ace, etc.), and how short by comparison others are (Winter, Logan, etc.).
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EDIT: Resigned >_>
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This is actually really cool. One thing you should note though is that my staff timeline goes from Trial Mod > Mod > Trial Mod. You accidentally wrote trial mod twice instead of Head Mod lol
~Charlie - "Winter_Moon
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Oh, ripperoni
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I am still fucking impressed by this...
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I was demoted for being bad before. Amazing job btw.
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