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Network Development Status

I was going to put this on the development site, but it would be more visible here. If you are staff, please check this post frequently, as it will be updated regularly.

Current Development Status (Network Wide): High Load - 2 Active developers managing 7 total servers (2 of which are frozen) and 1 active developer managing the forums.

Current Development Status (Server Specific):
- MCTTT: Finished*
- Vanilla TTT: Finished*
- Anime TTT: Finished*
- DarkRP: Under Development
- Minecraft Survival: Under Development
- Unturned Hawaii: Frozen**
- Unturned Germany: Frozen**

Current Projects (Server Specific):
- MCTTT: Database has been wiped. If your items have not been given back to you, talk to Miss Freakachu.
- DarkRP: The development process is near completion, just needs some more addons and game-play tweaks.
- Minecraft Survival: Beta testing has been opened as of October 13th, 2017.

Current Active Developers:
- GucciCarry (Owner, Global Developer)
- Reeb (Head Developer, Development Training Program, Global Developer)
- Miss Freakachu ( Forums Developer )

Development Team Size (2 Global Developers, 1 Server Specific Developers, 0 Forums Moderators, 3 Total)

Development Team Recruitment Status:
WIDE OPEN (In serious need of developers/forums moderators)

* Nothing is truly finished. When a server is marked 'Finished', it only really means that it has sparse updates with some bug fixes.
** If a server is frozen, it means that the server is still being run by
Smithtainment, but it is offline and not being developed.
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Updated October 15th by Miss Freakachu
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let's be real here I am the forum.
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