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Anime TTT staff application

- What is your Steam ID and Steam Name?
Id: STEAM_0:1:50286661
Un: Sensitive Spider
- Why do you want to be a moderator on our server?
I want to be moderator to stop people from getting on and killing for no reason other than to ruin other peoples fun especially in the middle of the night when no mods or admins are usually on.
- Why should we pick you over other applicants?
I believe that you should pick me because I have a tendancy to stay on much later than most of the current mods do so I will be able to keep the server free of rdmers and general trolls and any other issues that happen along the way.
- How many hours do you have on our server?
As of October 7th i have 1 day and about 7 hours of play time on this server.
- Are you familiar with ULX commands? Please provide an example.
As of now, I am not familiar with them no. But I plan on studying the handbook in the near future (especially if I get accepted)
- Are you familiar with the warning system on our server? Please provide an example.
Yes, I am fairly familiar. For example each time an innocent kills another innocent for no reason it is one warning, and after 5 active warnings or 7 total warning this person will then be perma banned.
- Do you have any history of moderating in the past? If yes, why did you leave that position, and what was the most challenging part of it?
No, I have never been a mod before. 
- What time zone do you live in?
Eastern Time
- How old are you?
- How many hours a day can you dedicate to moderating?
At least 6, if not more. Usually later in the day.
- Do you have good communication skills?
I say i do. I try to be nice to people as much as I can and I try to talk things out before I just straight up go off on someone for killing me or something else.
- Do you have a mic?
Yes, I do have a mic.
- Are you able to be contacted throughout random times of the day? If so, how?
Yes, I can usually be contacted thoughout the day. However, I do have a job so I may not always be available. The best way to contact me would be either steam or my phone number if you ask for it.
- How much experience do you have with TTT and our server rules?
I'd say I have a large amount of experience with TTT and a decnet amount on your server rules.
- Are you willing to punish your friends if they break rules? Explain.
Yes. I would punish my friends equally because i believe that anyone who does something wrong deserves to be punished for it in some way shape or form.
- Do you handle frustration / stress well? Explain why.
Yes, I usually tend to handle stress well. The only time i dont handle it well is when im dog tired.
- How do you respond to fellow staff abusing their powers?
I would tell someone who is "higher up" like a head admin or someone with more authority than I have.
- How many warnings do you have, and for what?
I do not believe I have any, but if I do I am completely unaware. I don't know how to check either so if you want to get back to me and tell me how to check Tongue
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Ok im gonna remain neutral atm because i havent seen much from you yet. Good luck to you tho Smile
[Image: l41YlOGnfGPmaMyhW.gif]
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Honestly I've only just seen you on the server. So I can't support you. I don't even know if you've farmed for time tbh :/
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You kinda confused me for a bit there Sensitive Soup Slasher, since none of us had seen you play with the name "Sensitive Spider" on the server at the time this app was posted. I ended up having to search you up by Steam ID, but there's no mistaking that MS Paint soup-slashing profile pic once I found it.

Either way, I'm in a bit of an awkward spot. Yeah, I can confirm that it's 15 hours of actual play and not farming, but I just haven't seen much from you. All I can remember off-hand is that you're a bit sensitive to exactly how people say your name and got a bit irritated when people started calling you "soup" (which, let's be honest, is the easiest word to say out of "Sensitive Soup Slasher" and therefore the one people get hooked on), but that's it.

I'll probably make a call once I see you again.
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One of the principal problems the staff team has with you (And regulars), is that you change your name constantly, matter that you are aware of
Other than that, you're a pretty active user, and you have helped me take out some RDM and Ghosters
You even went as far as getting some of the late night RDMers when no staff was available, and sending the Steam ID's to me
Even checking those Karma bans, i can say that you also never lied about this people and so, if you fix that problem with the name and stick with one (I encourage you to do so)
Ill give +Support to this app
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