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Required Information

Things to know before applying :

- You must have a minimal of 100+ hours on GMOD.
- Your steam profile must not be set to private.
- You must have at least 15+ hours on the server when applying for staff. Anything lower than 15 hours will not be accepted.

Application Guidelines

Follow all of the required details that is below.

Please follow all of the sentence formats.

We want both your name and steam ID. If your application does not have both, it will be auto-denied!

Please bold or underline the question when submitting.

Application Format

- What is your steam username, steam community profile page, and ID? (If you don't have ANY of these, your application will be denied!):

- How many hours do you have on the server? (To find go here and search your name)

- Are you familiar with DarkRP? (2-3 sentences):

- Are you familiar with the Gucci’s Gaming DarkRP rules? (2-3 sentences):

- Why should we pick you over other applicants? (2-3 sentences):

- Do you have any history with moderating DarkRP or moderating in general in the past? (1-2 sentences):

- Do you have any experience with ULX commands? (1-3 sentences):

- What time zone are you in? :

- How old are you? :

- Do you have good communication skills? Do you have a mic? (2-4 sentences):

- Are you able to be contacted at random times throughout the day? If so, by what? (2-3 sentences):

- If you saw a staff abusing their powers, what would you do? (2-3 sentences):

- If you saw a friend of yours hacking the server, what would you do? (2-3 sentences):

- If a member of the server was spamming/trolling/racist, what would you do? (2-3 sentences for each of the following):

a) Spamming : (answer)

b) Trolling : (answer)

c) Being Racist : (answer)

Feel free to post any other information about you that you feel would help boost your chance of becoming staff on our server.(optional, but highly recommended):
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